Justin Bieber The Butt Of The Joke On Late Night: See Hilarious VIDEOS!


Conan O'Brien's Justin Bieber court video

Justin Bieber’s arrest is a serious matter, but we knew it wouldn’t take long for the incident to be mocked by comedians.

Check out the hilarious videos by Conan O’Brien, Jimmy Kimmel, and Jimmy Fallong from last night!

Justin Bieber was arrested for DUI, resisting arrest without violence, and driving with an expired license. Justin’s behavior during and after his arrest have become fodder for the late night hosts.

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Fallon said in his monologue, “Justin Bieber was arrested today in Miami for drag racing and drunk driving in a rented Lamborghini, which is pretty surprising when you hear that the only race car he had ever been in before that was his bed.

“That’s right, Bieber was arrested for drunk driving in a Lamborghini. He’s facing a pretty stiff penalty. They’re saying he can get up to two years of being his own neighbor.”

Fallon then jokes, “I don’t know if I’m looking at a mugshot or a Proactiv commercial. He’s so excited to be arrested.”

Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Jimmy Kimmel made light of Justin’s exit from jail, where he behaved more like a pageant queen than an inmate.

Kimmel said, “He got up on the car to wave to his adoring fans, as if he was at a movie premiere. What does that remind me of? Yes, that’s exactly what that reminds me of. When Michael Jackson was… [shows picture of Michael Jackson waving to fans on top of his car] so that’s a good sign.”

He then stated, “Shirtless, cocky, pants half-off, tattoos. Based on my projections, this is what Justin Bieber will look like in 2018. [shows picture of Vanilla Ice] ”

He adds, “I think between the first and second picture they took away his juicebox or something.”

And then our favorite!

Justin Bieber Mocked On ‘Conan’

Conan said in his monologue, “Justin Bieber was arrested last night for DUI, resisting arrest, illegal drag racing. I think he still doesn’t understand the seriousness of his situation. Take a look.”

In the real bond hearing video, we saw the judge and Justin standing there looking very serious.

Justin Bieber's bond hearing pic

But in Conan’s video, he added arms instead of Justin’s handcuffed hands that were holding a wad of cash. He then proceeds to burn the money, before giving the judge the finger. (NSFW)

Justin Bieber cash video Conan O'Brien

Conan O’Brien’s team hit the nail on the head with that skit!

Conan adds, “The police report described him as five foot nine and 140 pounds. Or as his cellmate put it, just right.”

It truly doesn’t appear that Bieber is taking his arrest seriously. Just hours after leaving the Miami jail, he was caught in a photo popping bottles with his father Jeremy.

The photo was was captioned “#JustinBieber pic from @GabyontheGo where he is apparently right now following his arrest earlier today”.

He was reportedly there “for a few drinks”.

Justin’s father, Jeremy Bieber, needs to be more of a father to Justin than a partying friend.

Jeremy Bieber posted a message on Twitter this morning about his son’s arrest. He tweeted, “I can protect my kids, but I can’t protect them from you and your lies. Believe in the truth not in the lies of the enemy. #reallife”.

Justin Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun, 32, tweeted, “love you and i will act in the manner of someone who truly cares. that is all I have to say. thanks for all those concerned”. (sic)

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