Justin Bieber Stoic In Court But Waves To Fans Atop SUV On Release (VIDEOS)


Justin Bieber in court video

Justin Bieber seemed pleased with himself over his arrest, making sure fans got a good look at him when he was released from jail this afternoon.

The 19-year-old singer appeared in court by video link after his arrest, posting his $2,500 bail and climbing on top of a black SUV to wave to fans and the media as he left jail.

Justin Bieber looked serious and fidgeted as he stood during the court appearance.

Justin Bieber acting like a punk?

Insiders reveal the singer broke down in tears once he returned to his jail cell.

Police arrested the pop star as he raced the yellow Lamborghini at up to 60mph in a 30mph speed limit zone while allegedly racing Def Jam rapper Khalil Sharief, who was behind the wheel of a Ferrari.

Justin Bieber mugshot photo

Justin had spent the night partying with friends and model Chantel Jeffries, admitting to officers that he had been “smoking marijuana all day”, taking anti-depressants, and drinking beer.

Bieber also reportedly told police that his mother Pattie Mallette gave him Xanax, one of the prescription drugs he had taken before his arrest.

Justin Bieber & mom Pattie Mallette

His blood alcohol content was .04, according to media reports.

After being released, Justin walked out in a black hoodie and shades to a black SUV. Instead of looking ashamed for the arrest, Justin climbed on top of the SUV to make sure fans and the media got a good look at him.

Fans may have loved that, but his actions make most of us think he’s a little punk.

Justin Bieber has been charged with drunken driving, resisting arrest and driving without a license.

Bieber’s bail was broken down by the judge as such: $1,000 for resisting arrest, $1,000 for his DUI and $500 for driving with an expired driver’s license.

His friend Khalil Sharief, a 19-year-old rapper signed to Def Jam Records, was also arrested. His bail was set at $1,000 for a DUI.

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