Jimmy Kimmel Gets Slapped By Sofia Vergara: Find Out Why! (VIDEO)


Sofia Vergara on Jimmy Kimmel 2014

Jimmy Kimmel has a tradition these days of having celebrities read mean tweets about themselves, but Sofia Vergara gave the talk show host a playful slap over one comment!

The “Modern Family” beauty read off the hateful comments, one of which claims she is a man!

On Wednesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live”, the host began by stating that “the most dangerous neighborhood in the country” right now is “the comments section on every webpage.”

He then invited his guest for the evening, Sofia Vergara, to help him read comments written about one another online.

Sofía, 41, read a comment about Kimmel that stated, “I hate Jimmy Kimmel. He has squinty eyes and a gape mouth that never really closes.” Jimmy laughed, stating, “Well, that one I actually agree with.”

Vergara pretended to be insulted when Jimmy read that one user wished she “was a mute” and saying she has “an amazing body, but the face? Not so much.”

Jimmy then read a tweet about Sofia having “a man jaw,” being “ugly,” and having “a more annoying voice than Fran Drescher”.

Then came the big one, when Jimmy read a comment asking about Sofia Vergara, “Has anyone checked for a penis?”

Sofia then slapped him across the face and stormed offstage. Jimmy pointed out he was just repeating tweets from the Internet, but Sofia pretended to be enraged, adding her was “for sure bigger than yours!”

Here’s the rest of her interview from last night:

Part II

Part III

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  1. She is not that young I know the person in charge of a hospital and she is on her 50s stop lying Sophia I also met you in Florida when you went to California her son was almost 10 or 12 you are far older than the age you pretend to be is okay to be on your 50s don’t lie…


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