Jimmy Fallon Comforted By “Full House” Guys Over New Talk Show Jitters (VIDEO)


Jimmy Fallon's mini Full House reunion

Jimmy Fallon pretended to be very nervous about leaving “Late Night” and taking over as host of “The Tonight Show”.

Fallon did a cute skit where he is shown in his flannel pjs, calling for his “dad” before Bob Saget and the other guys from “Full House” joined them.

Danny Tanner, Uncle Joey, and Uncle Jesse stopped by Jimmy’s bedroom to comfort the host over his new gig.

The mini-reunion of the guys of the popular 90s sitcom “Full House” – John Stamos, Bob Saget and Dave Coulier, tried to help Fallon cope with leaving “Late Night”.

The scene was set in Michelle Tanner’s bedroom where the guys used some of their popular lines from the show to soothe Fallon.

“Scared? About what Jimmy?” Saget says as he enters Jimmy’s bedroom.

“About leaving ‘Late Night,'” Fallon responds.

The audience cheers as Stamos and Coulier enter the scene.

The gang showed they’ve still got it by singing “The Teddy Bear Song” lullaby to Fallon that they used to sing to put little Michelle to bed.

Stamos, Saget and Coulier will be seen together again this Sunday when their Super Bowl commercial airs during the big game for Dannon Oikos yogurt.

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