Highlights Of Jonah Hill Hosting SNL (VIDEOS)


Jonah Hill on SNL with Leo

“Wolf of Wall Street” star Jonah Hill was the host of “Saturday Night Live” this weekend, starring in several funny sketches.

Jonah’s co-star, Leonardo DiCaprio, made a surprise appearance and reenacted his famous “Titanic” moment with Jonah as “Rose”.  Michael Cera starred in a disturbing sketch as Hill’s lover.

Jonah Hill began his monologue with saying, “My whole life feels like a dream come true”.

The “Get Him To The Greek” star then proceeded to put down his co-star Leonardo DiCaprio’s acting abilities, even claiming Martin Scorsese preferred him over Leo.

DiCaprio then walked on stage, asking Jonah, “I have a question. What the hell are you doing?”

Hill then pretending to kiss up to Leo, saying, “‘He’s like such a model, like physically, like he has the looks of the model, but also like a role model and really charitable, like, The Aviator–”

Leo replied, “Jonah, Jonah, just forget about all that. Why don’t you just be honest about what you’re doing right now? Seriously.”

DiCaprio then schooled Hill on him “trying to be a bigshot in public”.

Jonah apologized, stating he “just got excited”.

He then asked Leo if they could please do the “thing we always did everyday that made [him] feel safe” on the set of “The Wolf of Wall Street”.

Jonah Hill & Leonardo DiCaprio recreate flying scene "Titanic"

They proceeded to act out the “flying” scene from “Titanic”.

The “Wolf of Wall Street” star performed in one sketch where he played an obnoxious child at Benihana restaurant.

Jonah Hill as obnoxious kid

Jonah also starred in “A Couple’s Quiz” segment, where he played a humiliated game show contestant.

Jonah Hill gameshow SNL skit

Hill also starred in a faux “Spike Jonez trailer”, a parody of the film “Her”, where Michael Cera plays as his “Me” as he falls in love with his computer. Things get weird quickly!

Jonah Hill Michael Cera SNL skit video

Jonah stars with the “former porn stars” in a “Lamborghini” or “Lambortini”, according to the girls:

Jonah in skit “Boss Dinner”:

Of course, the show wouldn’t have been complete without them making fun of Justin Bieber’s arrest making headlines this week on “Weekend Update”.

Kenan Thompson played the police officer that arrested Justin Bieber, describing the troubled young singer’s father as “what you’d get if Ed Hardy released a line of people.”

Next week, Saturday Night Live will be hosted by “Bridesmaids” star Melissa McCarthy.


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