Helen Mirren Is Pretty Awesome (VIDEO)


Helen Mirren twerking video

British actress Helen Mirren is 68 and has a body that could put much younger women to shame, but she also likes to have a little fun.

Mirren was honored by Harvard University as the “Hasty Pudding Theatricals Woman of the Year”, being a great sport and even attempting to “twerk”.

Helen Mirren, who won an Academy Award for her role as Queen Elizabeth, left her “regal” persona at the door and threw herself into the festivities.

Mirren was prodded to “twerk”, saying she “tried twerking in my bedroom [and] it was absolutely humiliating”.

But that didn’t stop her from giving it her best attempt, thrilling the drag actors at the fun event.

The actress was paraded through Harvard Square in Massachusetts, accompanied by drag actors Tony Oblen and Ethan Hardy, before receiving her ceremonial pudding pot.

Helen Mirren, who has been married to Taylor Hackford since 1997, offered a little advice to stay single for quite some time.

Mirren said, “My advice to single women probably is to stay single as long as you can. [To Taylor she added] I love you darling. And you know a relationship is a wonderful thing, but it’s not necessary to be happy and successful in life.”

She looked stunning as usual in a black and white tweed coat and a white furry hat.

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