“Heat” Star Tom Sizemore Caught On Video Doing Heroin & Meth (VIDEO)


Tom Sizemore doing drugs again

Tom Sizemore, who appeared on “Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew” in 2010, has apparently fallen off the wagon again.

The “Saving Private Ryan” star was caught on video smoking heroin and crystal meth, all while going off on a crazy and racist rant.

The National Enquirer obtained the video taken in late 2013.

The eyewitness said of the 52-year-old actor, “First, he used heroin, which was on this bathroom sink, wrapped in foil. He lights it with a cheap lighter placed under the foil and uses a straw to inhale the smoke. A couple minutes later, he’s ready to use the crystal meth, which he smokes through a glass pipe. You can tell Tom is not well – he’s sweating profusely in the video”.

Tom Sizemore drug video

The footage of the star of movies such as “Heat” and “Natural Born Killers” was apparently taken in the bathroom of his Los Angeles home.

In the 23-minute-long video Sizemore rants about “dirty and brown” Mexican men. He adds, They want to rob you and kill you and that’s it”.

The insider stated, “The world should see this video because then maybe Tom will realize he’s killing himself with drugs and clean himself up for good.”

Tom Sizemore has been on a downward spiral since the split from his wife Maeve Quinlan in 1999. He later dated Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss.

Sizemore He was arrested in 2007 and 2009 for drug-related charges.

The actor, who has twin sons Jagger and Jaedon, 8, with ex-girlfriend Janelle McIntire, has battled drug addiction since he was 15. He has been in rehab many times.

Tom Sizemore and sons Jayden and Jagger

It’s sad to see someone so talented make a mess of their life in this manner.

Here’s the transcript of Sizemore’s drug video:

SIZEMORE: We are camels. Don’t tell nobody. We are real camels. They should be riding us. They know that. Shhhhh. Go away. Are we all in agreement? I hate them. I can’t tell you how much I hate them. They stink, they’re hairy, they’re brown, they’re like f*cking fertilizer. They just fcking try and tax you and fucking beat your a** and kill ya. No f*cking jive… Your money is gone.
SOURCE: Do you like Mexican girls?
SIZEMORE: I like girls. You know?
SOURCE: You’re like Captain Kirk. The b*tch can be green.
SIZEMORE: I’d f*ck the dirt. My mother told my aunt once, my father’s sister. Well the problem with your brother, my husband, if all else fails, he’ll wet the ground and f*ck the dirt.
SOURCE: Puddle of mud. That’s what they used to call chicks with loose p*ssy.
SIZEMORE: I was 12, so I went and tried it. I didn’t like it at all. My d*ck got all dirty. My dad fcks dirt I can fck dirt too.
SOURCE: How did it feel?
SIZEMORE: It didn’t feel good and he didn’t f*ck dirt either. I didn’t know what a metaphor was. It meant he was unfaithful.
SOURCE: You know how you can tell if a blonde has been using your computer? There are f*cking envelopes stuck in the hard drive.
SIZEMORE: I’m sitting here waiting for Deborah. My Brazilian b*tch. Waiting for her. Bring her back her. I don’t know. We’ll see… threesomes. She’ll be into this. A five bedroom house, three stories and a pool. She’s going to be into that. And this here. Do what you want. Just let me know what’s up.
SOURCE: She’s a pretty real chick. If she’s into you she’s into you. Cause you’re like an actor. She was like f*cking. She didn’t really care about coming over here.
SIZEMORE: I don’t like the fact that people… I don’t enjoy… I don’t’ like girls…I don’t like being thought of as me. It’s a drag. I hate it. I detest it.


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