George Clooney Does Fan Q&A Session: The Results Are Hilarious!


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Eternal bachelor George Clooney seems to just get better looking with age and has a killer sense of humor too.

The quick-witted star took part in an “Ask Me Anything” session on Reddit from fans and his answers were very amusing.

George Clooney has taken part in one of Reddit’s ‘Ask Me Anything’ (AMA) sessions where fans can interview their heroes.

Here’s some of Clooney’s silly answers:

Q: What is a hobby of yours that most people don’t know about?

A: I’m a cobbler, I like to make shoes … [Asked if he or Daniel Day-Lewis is a better cobbler] When Daniel Day-Lewis was spending all his time playing Lincoln, I was just fixing shoes. He’s spending all the time focused on the hat, and the pipe, and getting into character, and I remained focused – with the overalls and the hammer.

Q: You and Sandra [Bullock] have great chemistry together. Were there any funny moments that happened during shooting [Gravity] ?

A: It’s tricky ’cause Sandy drinks so much that oftentimes it’s just hard to keep her upright. No, you know, Sandy and I have known each other for over 20 years and we both were struggling actors when we first met. She was dating a friend of mine at the time who’s still a good friend of ours … She’s somebody I adore, really, she’s just fun to be in a room with … Very smart and centered, even though she does drink a lot”.

Q: Why do you have such lonely eyes?

A: I actually have only one lonely eye. The other eye’s got nothin’ but friends.

Q: What is the best prank that a costar/crew has played on you on set?

A: It was Brad [Pitt] , we were shooting Oceans 12 in my hometown Lake Como and he had a flyer sent around saying George only wants to be called by his character’s name “Danny Ocean,” don’t look him in the eyes, and it got into the local paper. As you know, jokes don’t translate at all, and they called me il divo, and said that I was treating the crew like s–––. When it got into the paper I came downstairs and Brad had the paper in his hand, and I said ‘You’re mine from here on out.’ Brad just said, ‘Please don’t harm my children.’ Yeah, he’s done some pretty rotten things”.

Q: What’s the one movie role you’re most embarrassed/ashamed about, that you don’t mind sharing?

A: Well, I wasn’t thrilled with the nipples on the Batsuit. You know, that’s not something you really think about when you’re putting it on. You figure all Batsuits have nipples and then you realize yours was really the first. Batman was just constantly cold I guess.

Q: Were you always awesome and charismatic, or did you go through an awkward stage like the rest of us?

A: Everyone goes through awkward phases a lot of the time and sometimes it’s very public which is always bad. Somebody was talking to me on set and said, “Remember Merv Griffin?” I was on in 1985 which is pretty odd, and they YouTubed it and I come out in this horrible yellow shirt and yellow socks and mullet. And the whole set is howling. This stuff lives on forever. So everyone has awkward phases, just hope they’re not recorded for everyone to see for the rest of time.

And here’s the video!

George Clooney is known as quite the prankster and talked about one prank he pulled on his former roommate, Richard Kind of “Spin City”.

George said Richard had a cat and Clooney would clean the cat’s poop out of the litter box before Kind saw it, leading Kind to worry that there was something wrong with his kitty. His roommate was out one day so Clooney took a huge dump in the litter box.

George recalls, “It took him a long time to figure it out. Once he fully realized what was going on, he just yelled, ‘I understand humor, defecation doesn’t make me laugh.’ Which I suppose should go on someone’s tombstone.”

Clooney admitted that he felt “lucky” to be an actor, that he’d probably be unemployed if he wasn’t acting.

The hunky actor also shared that he has awkward days just like everyone. He said, “Everyone goes through awkward phases a lot of the time and sometimes it’s very public which is always bad […] just hope they’re not recorded for everyone to see for the rest of time”.

Clooney signed out of his surreal AMAs session with “I’ve got to get back to filming so I can continue to support my passion for cobbling. I appreciate you taking the time to talk – this was lot of fun.”

Can George get any more adorable?

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