Ellen DeGeneres Shares Cute Video Of Portia’s Christmas Surprise (VIDEO)


Ellen surprises Portia with Land Rover Defender

Ellen DeGeneres pulled off an awesome Christmas surprise on her wife, Portia De Rossi.

On her talk show Friday, Ellen revealed that Portia had always wanted a Land Rover Defender, a car that is no longer made and difficult to find.

DeGeneres knew how much her wife wanted one and finally tracked one down in Texas, having it shipped to California.

Ellen said of the vehicle, “It’s a car that she really, really wanted … she was obsessed with it. Every time she see one, she says ‘I love that — I want one.'”

The talk show host managed to keep the Christmas gift a surprise this year and pulled it off in a cute way.

Portia de Rossi sees dream car

Ellen had the Land Rover Defender parked into a lot in a shopping mall that they were headed to later that day. The vehicle had a huge bow on it and Ellen knew Portia would notice it.

Portia's  Land Rover Defender gift

Portia didn’t take long to notice the car, making note that it had a bow on it and jokingly asked, “Is that my Christmas present?” Little did she know!

The actress couldn’t take her eyes off the Land Rover and you could see she was a little jealous someone was getting her dream car.

Portia de Rossi's reaction to Christmas surprise

She turned around to see Ellen DeGeneres holding the keys and her face dropped. She could barely believe it!

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Ellen laughed about the adorable expression on Portia’s face, joking that “that was the same face she made when she told her it only got 9 miles per gallon”.

So cute!

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