Does Oprah Winfrey’s Beau Stedman Graham Want To Get Married?


Will Oprah ever marry Stedman?

Oprah Winfrey’s fiance is reportedly planning for them to finally marry, more than 20 years after they got engaged.

The talk show legend originally agreed to Stedman Graham’s proposal in 1992 after six years of dating and he is now planning to ask her a second time, following an emotional trip to South African political figure Nelson Mandela’s funeral on December 15.

A source revealed, “It was a highly emotional journey for Oprah, who loved Mandela and everything he stood for. During this time of grief there was only one person in the world she turned to – her Stedman. It was a spiritual mission and Stedman held her close during the funeral service. He realized right then and there he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Oprah as a married couple.”

Friends have been urging motivational speaker Stedman to ask Oprah to marry him again on her 60th birthday this month.

An insider adds, “Stedman feels the two are soul mates, they’ve lasted together this long and should finally make it official. Stedman also realized that when their days end, he wants to be buried next to Oprah and knows that will only happen if they wed.”

Will Oprah Winfrey ever agree to walk down the aisle? The former talk show host previously said she would leave this world an unmarried woman. But, never say never!

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