Cuteness Alert: Budweiser Releases Adorable Super Bowl Ad (VIDEO)


Puppy befriends Clydesdale in new ad

If you appreciate the beauty of the Clydesdale horses and adore puppies (who doesn’t?), then you’ll fall in love with Budweiser’s new Super Bowl commercial for 2014.

Check it out and don’t feel like a wuss if you tear up a little. We did!

A brand new Super Bowl commercial debuted by Budweiser this morning has already gone viral.

The minute-long ad shows the cute friendship between a little puppy and a Clydesdale horse.

Actor Don Jeanes reprises his role as the head of Warm Springs Ranch in Missouri, where the beer company raises its iconic Clydesdale horses. Actress Melissa Keller is introduced as the owner of a puppy adoption center next door.

Wily little lab keeps escaping

A smart little yellow lab puppy keeps managing to escape to visit his horse pal.

Puppy befriends Clydesdale in new ad

A city-slicker arrives to pick up the puppy, but is stopped by some helpful friends.

The cute commercial is set to the Passenger song “Let Her Go”, developed by ad agency Anomaly.

Puppy gets help from big friends

How adorable and we can’t wait to see the other four ads by Budweiser for the Super Bowl 2014!


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