Conan O’Brien Brings Back Puppy Conan & Puppies Dressed Like Celebs (VIDEO)


Puppy Conan O'Brien 2014

Late night host Conan O’Brien has brought back the adorable “Puppy Conan” in celebration of the upcoming Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet.

Puppy Conan is joined by dogs dressed as other celebrities including Pharrell and his giant hat, Phil Robertson of “Duck Dynasty”, Justin Bieber and entourage, and more!

Many of us aren’t into sports and watching the Super Bowl on Sunday, preferring to tune in to Animal Planet for adorable puppies running around a small football field for hours.

Conan jokes about “ripping off” their idea again as he holds his own third annual Puppy Conan sketch.

O’Brien was played by a beautiful lab with a pompadour wig as he introduces the other “celebrity puppy” guests.

The talk show hosts had a puppy dressed like Pharrell and his “Grammy Awards” oversized hat, a bearded pup to play Phil Robertson, an English bulldog to play bumbling Rob Ford, and a chihuahua to play Justin Bieber…of course driving a fancy sports car!

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Images: Instagram/Conan


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