“Cheer Perfection” Star Andrea Clevenger Arrested For Raping 13-Yr-Old Boy


Andrea Clevenger arrested

Andrea Clevenger, a 34-year-old mother and reality star of the cheerleading show on TLC, “Cheer Perfection”, turned herself into police after two felony warrants were issued for her arrest on Monday.

What is up with all these middle-aged women trying to get it on with kids? It’s so sad and disgusting!

Clevenger has been seen on “Cheer Perfection” along with her daughter Kylie, who is a competitive cheerleader.

Here’s the affidavit (warning very graphic):

One warrant is for rape, and the other for engaging children in sexually explicit conduct for use in a visual or print medium.

The arrest affidavit shows that the boy told police the sexual assaults happened at least three times, once on the coach in Andrea’s home and twice in her vehicle.

The victim is a “13-year-old white male”, which makes us wonder if he could be a friend of her son or daughter.

The graphic report stated that the boy claims Andrea took off his pants and climbed on top of him and had sex with him at her home. The victim told authorities Clevenger performed oral sex on him twice in October while “parked in her vehicle in an area unfamiliar to him.

The teen also stated that Andrea Clevenger sent him “multiple multimedia messages depicting sexual explicit conduct … and sent him pictures, depicting herself without clothing”.

Investigators recovered images of “females in various states of undress” from the victim’s phone, though the affidavit noted it’s unclear whether they were images of Clevenger.

“The juvenile victim said Clevenger claimed the pictures were of her sexual organs, and he believed them to be,” Spence wrote. “However, no face is visible in them …”

The victim’s mother said she sent Clevenger a text after learning of the purported abuse and received a reply in which Clevenger apologized for unspecified behavior and said she would enter a rehabilitation facility, the affidavit said.

“The juvenile victim’s mother asserted Clevenger called her after the text messages and they discussed the manipulation and sexual contact at length and Clevenger admitted the acts occurred, but said the juvenile victim “doesn’t act thirteen”.

The parents of the 13-year-old boy saw the explicit photos and called authorities on November 27. The Sherwood Police Department says it was notified of the allegations against Clevenger via the Arkanas Child Abuse Hotline.

Andrea was released on her own recognizance, but was ordered to wear an ankle bracelet for electronic monitoring of her whereabouts.

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