Bobbi Kristina Brown & Nick Gordon Marriage Not Cissy Houston Approved?


Cissy Houston not happy

Bobbi Kristina Brown claimed just days after marrying her 24-year-old adopted brother, Nick Gordon, that the couple had received their family’s blessing.

But Whitney Houston’s mother and Bobbi Kristina’s grandmother, Cissy Houston, is reportedly furious over the wedding.

The couple announced the news of their wedded bliss on Twitter, with Bobbi Kristina claiming to the media on Friday that it was her late mother’s dream for them to be married.

Newlywed Bobbi Kristina told photographers of her late mother, Whitney Houston, “This is exactly what she wanted. Us together.”

Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon also claimed that the Cissy Houston was fine with the marriage.

Nick said, “We saw her at our cousin’s sweet 16 and she gave us her blessing”. Bobbi Kristina adds, “She’s very happy.”

Sources close to the Houston family sources say that the loved up couple never asked Bobbi Kristina’s grandmother for approval.

In fact, Cissy Houston, 80, is pissed when she discovered the couple married last week.

In 2012, Cissy wasn’t happy that the couple, who were raised like brother and sister, were even dating.

Bobbi Kristina didn’t seem to care about anyone’s approval and announced her engagement to Nick in October 2012. The couple called it quits soon afterwards, only to reconcile in July 2013.

Bobbi Kristina’s tweet sharing the news Thursday was accompanied by a photo of her hand over Nick’s as the pair showed off their wedding rings.

Neither Bobbi nor Nick gave any details and when and where they tied the knot, but they did hint they would have a lavish wedding later.

Nick said, “What we can tell you is that next year the ceremony will be beautiful”.

We’re certain there’s family drama over the marriage, but if they make one another happy…why not! It’s not like they are truly related.

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