Amanda Bynes “Bong-Throwing” Case To Be Tossed?


Amanda Bynes schitzophrenia and bipolar

It appears that Amanda Bynes has some good news finally, with reports the bong-throwing case against her will be dismissed if she can behave for the next six months.

The actress, who had a public meltdown last year, appears to be on the road to recovery after battling mental illness.

The case against her, which stemmed from Amanda throwing a bong out of her New York apartment building window, will be “put on ice”.

An insider reveals, “Amanda will NOT enter a plea. If she keeps her nose clean and continues her therapy for the next six months, the charges will be formally dismissed and the case will be sealed.”

The insider adds, “One reason the case is essentially being dropped is that cops didn’t retrieve the glass for days. That means there’s no proof what they eventually found was thrown by Amanda”.

Bynes was charged in early 2013 with reckless endangerment and marijuana possession after her New York apartment management called police because the actress she was smoking pot in the lobby. As officers entered her 36th floor apartment, they claimed to watch her toss a bong out the window.

The “Hairspray” actress denied the incident, but she continued her downward spiral that ended up with her in a psychiatric hold.

Bynes was hospitalized in August after setting a fire in a residential driveway in Thousand Oaks. The good news is the incident led to her getting help for her mental issues.

Amanda is said to be suffering from schitzophrenia and bipolar disorder, but appears to be doing well since her release from treatment in November.

The actress must be breathing a sigh of relief as she gets her life back on track. She reportedly enrolled in classes at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.

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