Zoe Saldana Confirms Marriage To Hot Italian Artist Marco Perego (VIDEO)


Zoe Saldana confirms marriage

“Avatar” actress Zoe Saldana has kept quiet about her rumored marriage for months, but the beautiful star finally confirmed the wedding during her appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Tuesday night.

The 35-year-old revealed that she married Marco Perego in England.

Kimmel, 46, congratulated Saldana after complimenting her on her cute pink dress.

The host said, “Congratulations! You got married since the last time I saw you”.

Saldana answered, “I did”, as the audience cheered. “Thank you, thank you. And congratulations to you, too. You got married.”

Kimmel replied, “Thank you”, speaking of his marriage in July to Molly McNearney, jokingly saying, “It’s not a competition, though. We don’t need to just go around getting married.”

Zoe, who reportedly tied the knot in June, then asked her host where he got married.

He said, “I got married in Ojai, which is about an hour away from [Los Angeles] . It’s in the desert”, before asking where her ceremony was held.

“I got married in England,” Saldana replied, smiling . “I did it in England. Can you top that?”

Jimmy Kimmel said he couldn’t, before Zoe quipped, “So it is a competition, I guess”.

“Well yes,” Jimmy responded. “It’s a competition and I’ve lost.”

Here’s Zoe Saldana’s interview Part 1:

Part 2:

Zoe’s artist hubby Marco Perego is really hot. He makes picking up dog poop look sexy!

Marco Perego walking the dog

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