Zac Efron Explains What “Really” Happened To His Face (VIDEO)


Zac Efron jokes about jaw injury

Zac Efron recently had to have his jaw wired shut after shattering it in a bizarre accident. He made a video with his “Awkward Moments” co-stars, laughing off the strange accident.

Efron explained that his injury was the result of being injured by a disappointed lover.

He recently had to have his jaw wired after shattering it in a bizarre accident, which some wondered could have been the result of hard-partying.

Zac Efron is now laughing off the incident, revealing the “real reason” behind the injury in a funny new video.

Efron stars alongside his “Awkward Moment” co-stars Miles Teller and Michael B Jordan, who do all of the talking while Zac nods in approval.

The video opens with text saying, “Recently Zac Efron broke his jaw claiming he “slipped on a puddle. Here’s the real story.”

It then shows the 26-year-old sitting on a chair with his friends, Miles and Michael, who reveal, “Should we tell everyone how it actually happened? So Zac was at home with a girl, giving her the worst sexual experience of her life, absolute worst. But she was getting into it until she realized you were finished, so early. And this poor girl’s pent up sexual energy, which you failed to satisfy, made her angry. So angry that she picked up a book, a heavy book, and slammed it right into your beautiful face.”

The guys then begin joking about Zac’s good looks, saying he looks like a fantasy character. The guys joked, “Goddamit it is beautiful, it’s like a wizard holding a unicorn, and that book broke that unicorn’s jaw. That’s how it happened. Case closed. He is still good looking though. Kind of p***** me off.”

The guys then share high fives as Zac stared into the distance holding his injured face.

It was first reported that he broke his jaw on November 10 after slipping on a puddle outside his home. But days later, there were reports he actually fell into the glass table after a night of hard partying.

The incident came after the actor went to rehab twice this year to deal with an alleged “cocaine addiction”.

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