Vanessa Carlton Weds John McCauley With Stevie Nicks Officiating!


Stevie Nicks officiates Vanessa Carlton wedding

“A Thousand miles” singer Vanessa Carlton married Deer Tick’s lead singer and guitarist John McCauley on Friday. Surprise!

Singer Stevie Nicks officiated the wedding ceremony. How cool is that?

Carlton, 33, wrote on Twitter on Friday night, “Married this gentleman two hours ago xo”. She shared a lovely photo of herself and her new husband smiling and holding hands.

Vanessa Carlton looked radiant in a long-sleeved white gown and a pretty floral head piece.

Vanessa Carlton & John McCauley wedding photo

The newlywed then posted a photo of their wedding ceremony with the Fleetwood Mac star, Stevie Nicks.

Carlton wrote, “Thanks Stevie for marrying us!”

In the photo, Nicks, 65, is seen smiling at Carlton as she officiates the ceremony. She also wears a matching head piece.

Stevie Nicks officiates Vanessa Carlton wedding

It’s good to see Vanessa Carlton happy after she recently suffering a heartbreaking health scare. Carlton discovered she was pregnant, but was diagnosed with an ectopic pregnancy.

The embryo settled in the fallopian tube and the fetus is unable to develop. She sought medical attention and experienced internal bleeding and was forced to remove her fallopian tube.

This is the first marriage for the “Ordinary Day” star. She previously dated Third Eye Blind’s Stephan Jenkins from 2002 to 2007.

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