Twisted New Details On Pedophile Rocker Ian Watkins


Ian Watkins of Lostprophets

We recently told you Ian Watkins, the lead singer of Lostprophets, entered a guilty plea to child sex assault charges.

New information revealed shows Watkins begged his former girlfriend to let him abuse her 10-year-old daughter and wanted to have a baby with her so he could rape the infant.

A female fan in her twenties, who had a sexual relationship with the singer for years, ended things with the singer when she realized he was totally “insane”.

She revealed revealed the Lostprophets singer sent her lewd messages online, even masturbating on camera and asking her to let her young daughter watch.

Ian Watkins lewd Skype messages

The woman said, “I was talking to him on Skype. He wanted me to go and get her from the other room – he was masturbating – so she could see how hot he was and so that she could tell me how much she wanted him.”.

In one message on March 4, 2011, the woman asked him to DJ at her daughter’s birthday party. Watkins replied, “Only if I can f*** her.”

Ian Watkins wanted sex with 10-year-old girl

Watkins even told the woman they should have a baby together, so he could sexually abuse the infant.

The woman claimed, “In 2010 he mentioned that he wanted to have a baby because he wanted to raise it to be evil like me and him – apparently, I’m evil now too. A year later he said he wanted us to have a baby so he could have his way with the baby and my daughter could watch how it’s done.”

Ian Watkins child rape

The woman broke off contact with Watkins following the graphic messages he sent about having intercourse with her young daughter.

She said, “He was obsessed with the ‘dark side’ and wanted to go to hell. He used his power to push the limits. I guess it was all the drugs – he just went way, way, way too far.”

The woman contacted South Wales Police and passed records of her conversations with the star to investigators following his arrest in December 2012.

The unidentified woman, who should have gone to police long before this time, adds, “I was so relieved when he was arrested. I thought finally. I thought he was going to get caught one day”.

The woman explained that they first met backstage at an overseas gig in 2004 and exchanged contact details. Two years later she messaged the rocker asking for tickets to a music festival.

Watkins obliged and they met in a hotel room and began a sexual relationship, meeting up on occasional for several years.

Ian Watkins of the Lost Prophets

The Lostprophets frontman, who has sold more than 3.5 million records, even met the woman’s daughter when he invited her to a gig in 2007.

She revealed, “We went to the show and we were backstage. He came out and met her and took some photos and everything was normal and then he later signed a poster addressed to my daughter, describing her as ‘beautiful'”.

She added, “Later, he actually saw the photos of him and my daughter and her friend and a few years later said him and my daughter would make a really good-looking couple. She was aged seven in the photo.”

Ian Watkins asked his loyal groupies to help him find “young sluts to abuse”.

The unidentified female adds, “He said it got boring having 16-20-year-olds throwing themselves at him. It was no challenge so he decided to use his fame to play power games and wanted to see how far he could push the boundaries.”

It’s sick to think there are people like this in the world. It’s even more disturbing to realize some young mothers allowed him access to their children.

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