Texas High School Christmas Tree Pranks Students & Faculty (VIDEO)


Texas school's Christmas tree prank

The media department at Kilgore High School asked unsuspecting students and faculty at the school to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, root for their football team, or tell their favorite holiday memory.

Little did they know, the Christmas tree was very much alive and their frightened reactions are hilarious!

The Texas school appeared to have lots of fun spreading Christmas cheer…and a little fright!

Media teacher Michelle Gilgan said, “We just died laughing. I think it’s just the season. It’s a clean, innocent fun prank.”

Kilgore student Rowdy Cayce thought of the prank. He did it at a church Christmas party and asked Gilgan if he could trick some of the teachers on Monday. They imported and edited the footage in about 20 minutes. Then they sent it off to teachers for a good laugh.

One employee named Alex Gray told the camera, “My favorite Christmas memory knowing that Kilgore Bulldogs (won the) state championship game against Carthage Bulldogs, the school my husband came from”. The tree then came to life as she went in full-on defensive mode.

The Kilgore Bulldogs are facing off against the Carthage Bulldogs in the state championship again Friday, and Gilgan said to The News that the hoopla surrounding the video is a phenomenal way to drum up Kilgore Bulldog pride before the big game.

“We definitely have to give a shout-out to our Kilgore Bulldogs.

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