Smart Reviews From Stupid Celebrities: ‘Lone Survivor,’ Cringe Worthy


Lone Survivor

This film is based on a New York Times bestseller. It’s also a true story. A first hand account from the “Lone Survivor” of “Operation Red Wings.” The moment the movie started, I swelled up with pride. It was a montage of how SEALs were trained to be such elite soldiers. Every time I watch movies about the military, it always reminds me how brave these men are and the sacrifice they make for us day in, day out.  And how grateful I am for complete strangers who put their lives on the line for this great country. This flick definitely did that.

Mark Wahlberg plays Marcus Luttrell, the only Navy SEAL who made it out alive. Danny Dietz (Emile Hirsch), Mike Murphy (Taylor Kitsch) and Matt Axelson (Ben Foster) are the other three SEALs who were a part of Marcus’ team. The four SEALs were sent on a covert mission to kill Al-Qaeda leader Ahmad Shahd (Yousuf Azami). They were dropped off high up in the mountains of Afghanistan.

The four surveyed the area and kept watch on the “target.” But they eventually came face to face with Al-Qaeda soldiers. They were outnumbered, four against at least fifty. They fought with all they got. But it amazes me how these “untrained” scums of the earth could take down one of the most elite and well-trained soldiers in the world. It all boiled down to a numbers game, I guess. It was hard to watch and know that they weren’t going to survive this ambush. They were up against so many men. It was nearly impossible to survive. And they battled in the toughest place possible, up in the mountains.

The director, Peter Berg made this film so real. I felt every injury they sustained, frame by frame and in slow motion. Ouch! It was so painful. It was heartbreaking that they had to take such desperate measures to retreat. But I knew they were doomed. Yet, there were also moments of humanity. An Afghan puts his life and the lives of his entire village to protect one American. One life was worth saving in his eyes. It made me realized that there are truly good people out there. Make no mistake, this movie is pretty violent. Needless to say, their mission failed spectacularly. It’s worth seeing how far SEALs and our military go to protect our beloved country.

‘Lone Survivor’ opens December 25 in Los Angeles and New York City. And everywhere else January 10. Runs 2 hrs. Rated R.


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