See UFC Fighter Anderson Silva’s Gruesome Leg Injury (VIDEO)


Anderson Silva broken leg video

Anderson Silva, who is considered one of the greatest MMA fighters of all time, suffered a broken leg injury that is almost too horrific to watch.

Fans cringed as they watched Anderson throw a kick that was checked by his opponent Chris Weidman, which resulted in a cringe-worthy injury.

Anderson Silva, 38, broke his left leg when his opponent Chris Weidman checked his leg kick. You could see Silva’s leg break and just flop as it smashed against Weidman’s knee.

We want to warn you that this is truly gruesome to watch!

The championship fight held in Vegas had fans cringing as they heard Silva’s leg bone cracking. Just seconds later he collapsed to the mat.

Anderson Silva's broken leg video

Referee Herb Dean called off the fight when Silva fell, grabbing his broken leg with both hands.

Fans and experts worry this may be a career-ending injury for 38-year-old Anderson Silva.

Anderson Silva held the middleweight title belt for six years, which was the longest reign in the history of mixed martial arts. The Brazilian fighter was hoping to defeat Chris Weidman and regain his UFC title.

Chris Weidman kneeled beside in injured Silva, later telling reporters, “I knew coming into the fight that what he could hurt me most with was the leg kicks. We trained checking the kick a lot. The idea is to pull your leg and for their shin to land at the knee. That’s exactly what I did, and I felt his leg go right away.”

Weidman adds, “There’s no real excitement in a fight finishing like that, because you never want to see anyone get hurt like that.”

Weidman paid tribute to his opponent, who he has beaten twice in a row now, stating, “He’s still known as the greatest fighter of all time.”

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