Robertson Guys Of “Duck Dynasty”: Before The Beards!


Bearded Robertsons of Duck Dynasty

We all adore the Robertson family, the down-home family of reality show “Duck Dynasty”.

One of the first things that comes to mind with the Robertson men are their beards. Can you imagine them without them? Well, we dug up some great photos!

Jase Robertson once stated that the guys in his family began growing their long beards to help keep them warm while duck hunting. But now those famous beards have become part of their appeal.

We were curious what the guys of “Duck Dynasty” looked like long before they grew their famous beards. Let’s check them out!

Jase Robertson

Jase Robertson with beard

Jase Robertson is one of our favorites of the Robertson men. He’s handsome and we love that great sense of humor!

Jase and his wife of 20 years, Missy, were high school sweethearts. They actually met in high school on a fake date, set up to make Jase’s former girlfriend jealous. We’re not sure if their plan worked but their marriage sure has! They’ve been married over 20 years and have three children – Reed, Cole, and Mia.

Jase and Missy Robertson way back when

Here’s a family photo on the beach of Jase and his family. In this photo, he almost looks preppy. But you’ll notice there is a well-groomed beard in place even back then!

Jase Robertson and family

Jase in full-on beard these days:

Jase today with his beard

Jules Jeptha “Jep” Robertson

Jep Robertson pics

Here’s Jep and his cute baby-face when he was younger:

Baby face Jep Robertson

Who knew he had this sexy body under that camo?

Jep showing off his sexy body

Here’s a beach photo of Jep and his family pre-beard. These Robertson boys love family photos on the beach!

Jep and his family pre-beard

He may be the baby of the family, but looks like he nabbed the hottest wife! Here’s Jep and wife Jessica:

Jep and Jessica Robertson

Willie Robertson

Willie Robertson pics

Willie Robertson has the tough job of keeping the guys working on “Duck Dynasty”, when they really want to be hunting.

Here’s Willie when he was in college. Check out those cute dimples…and the mullet!

Willie Robertson with mullet

Here’s Willie and now-wife Korie when young:

Beardless Willie & Korie

Willie Robertson and Korie met at summer camp when they were in fourth and third grade. They went to different schools, but would see one another at Christian youth group during the year.

They married a year after high school.

Here’s a family photo of Willie and their children. Willie even has highlights! Wow!

Willie and Korie family photo

Here’s Willie and wife Korie today:

Willie and Korie today

“Duck Dynasty’s” Willie Robertson and country music star Luke Bryan performed a duet of “Hairy Christmas” on ABC’s “CMA Country Christmas”. Hey, who knew this bearded guy could sing?

Silas Merritt Robertson, aka “Uncle Si”

Si Robertson shows off broccoli cup in Kimmel parody

Si is a Vietnam vet and is known for loving to tell stories! Oh, how we love his quotes!

Here’s a young Si Robertson, beardless and in his U.S. Army uniform:

Si Robertson no beard pic

Si has been married for 43 years to Christine, who is not on the show.

Si had received so much fan mail that he finally posted a photo of himself and his longtime wife. He wrote, “Everyone’s been asking so here ya go…This is me and my wife Christine, we have been married 43 years…Loved her then, Love her still, always have, always will…and you can take that to the bank, JACK!!”

Si Robertson and wife Christine

Here’s Si today with one of his funny quotes:

Si Robertson quotes

Phil Robertson

Phil Robertson definitely pro-life

Phil Robertson, the patriarch of the Robertson family and founder of Duck Commander, didn’t always have that long beard.

Here’s a younger photo of Phil without his trademark beard:

Phil Robertson younger pic

Phil Robertson was quite the football star, but definitely loved hunting more!

Phil Robertson football

Paul Harvey confronted Robertson with a recruitment to play professionally for the Washington Redskins, but he declined because football conflicted with his hunting.

Phil later said of Terry Bradshaw, “Terry went for the bucks, and I chased after the ducks.”

Phil began dating Miss Kay when she was only 14 and he was 16. They married in 1966 when she was 16. Here’s an adorable photo of a young Phil Robertson and Miss Kay!

Phil Robertson and Miss Kay old pic

Here’s Phil and Miss Kay these days:

Phil and Miss Kay

These two are adorable together. Here’s Phil talking about his wife:

What do you think of the beloved bearded guys without their trademark beards? They look good either way, but it should be a crime to cover up those adorable dimples!


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