Phil Robertson Gives Miss Kay A Wedding Ring For Christmas!


Phil Robertson finally got his wife a ring

“Duck Dynasty” star and Robertson family patriarch, Phil Robertson, has been married to Miss Kay since 1966 but never bought her a wedding ring.

Phil, who has been embroiled in controversy for his recent statements in GQ Magazine, splashed out on a beautiful diamond ring for his wife of 50 years! Aww!

Phil and Kay’s granddaughter Sadie Robertson shared a picture of the happy couple on Twitter.

Sadie tweeted:

Their granddaughter and daughter of Willie and Korie, also posted a sweet photo of Miss Kay and Phil.

Phil Robertson gave Miss Kay a wedding ring!

Here’s a little closer view:

Close-up of Miss Kay's ring

Robertson recently angered GLAAD over his homophobic comments he made in an interview with GQ magazine. He was quoted giving his opinion on homosexuality, which really rubbed some people the wrong way.

He also compared homosexuality to bestiality, which also was offensive to some.

The 67-year-old was blasted by many, but his supporters have rallied around the reality TV star, saying he has a right to free speech.

Phil Robertson has refused to back down from his controversial comments, saying that “sexual immorality” is the “number one” sinful act.

His family and his community have come to his defense and stood firmly behind him, and the family’s $400 million empire doesn’t seem in any danger of collapsing.

Despite the patriarch being put on an indefinite hiatus by network A&E, the family’s merchandise has continued to fly off the shelves.

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Images: Twitter


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