Paul Walker’s Heartbroken Father Speaks Out As Rumors Of Street Race Swirl (VIDEOS)


Paul Walker crash after street race?

New reports claim that the Porsche Carrer supercar that actor Paul Walker was in when he died may have been racing another vehicle.

Police are investigating the tips from possible witnesses to try and piece together what caused the fatal crash, as friends and family mourn their loss.

Detectives are asking for information as they investigate the horrifying crash.

The fatal incident took place in an area popular with street racers and rumors are swirling that the red Carrera GT had been racing before the incident.

Paul Walker's Crash Site memorial

The new information in the case come as friends and family mourn the death of actor Paul Walker and his friend Roger Rodas.

Walker’s father, Paul Walker, Sr., paid tribute to his son, stating, “His heart was so big. I was proud of him every day of his life.”

Paul father choked back tears as he stated, “I’m just glad, that every time I saw him, I told him I loved him. And he would say the same thing to me.”

He described the outpouring of love from friends and family, saying, “You can’t beat friends at a time like this. His brothers are all taking it pretty hard.”

Walker also said his son had been determined to cut back on filming commitments to spend more time with his daughter just before his death. He said, “He told me ‘I want to take a hiatus’, his daughter Meadow is just 15 and ‘I don’t have much more time to be with her’and then boom, he got another movie. He would say, ‘I don’t know what to do'”

A haunting clip of late actor Paul Walker promising there would be “just one more” funeral in the next “Fast & Furious” movie was leaked online days before the crash.

In the scene from “Fast & Furious 7” that was released as an extra on the DVD and Blu-ray versions of “Fast & Furious 6”, Walker’s character, Brian O’Conner, makes the comment to co-star Tyrese Gibson’s character, Roman Pierce, at the funeral of Han and Gisele.

Gibson turns to Walker and says, “Promise me Brian, no more funerals.”

“Just one more,” Walker responds, referencing Jason Statham’s villainous character as Ian Shaw.

Walker was killed along with his friend Roger Rodas, 38, when the Porsche Carrera GT they were driving smashed into a tree during a charity event in Santa Clarita, California. Authorities have now confirmed that speed was a factor in the crash .

There are some claims the crash may have been caused by a steering malfunction in the high-performance sports car. Sources linked to Always Evolving stated they saw evidence of a fluid burst and subsequent fluid trail before the skid marks at the accident site.

They said the noticeable lack of skid marks until just before the crash site suggest the driver may have lost control of the steering. On top of that, they appear in a straight line, not in a swerve pattern as normally occurs when a driver loses control of a car.

The sources also told the website that the flames spread so quickly to the front of the car reinforces their theory of a steering fluid leak. The engine of a Porsche Carrera is at the back of the vehicle.

Roger Rodas had gotten behind the wheel of the vehicle after one of the former race car driver’s employees at the auto shop revealed he was having issues backing the car up into the garage. The vehicle reportedly kept stalling for the employee.

Walker hopped in because he hadn’t had a chance to take a spin in the impressive sports car.

The county coroner has revealed that the bodies of Walker and Rodas were so badly burned that they are currently unidentifiable.

Walker was a self-confessed adrenaline junkie who enjoyed fast cars, surfing and outdoor pursuits. On his official Twitter account, he described himself as “outdoorsman, ocean addict, adrenaline junkie… and I do some acting on the side.”

Here’s Paul Walker in May 2013 talking about his co-stars and future:

Paul Walker's Crash Site memorial

Paul’s last interview:

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