Miley Cyrus Is Definitely On The Naughty List This Year (VIDEO)


Miley Cyrus posts topless Christmas pic

Miley Cyrus just can’t stop baring her nips! The singer pulled up her shirt to post a photo on Twitter of herself topless as part of the “Free the Nipple” campaign.

If that’s not bad enough, the singer was grinding all over Santa during her Jingle Ball performance. Definitely on the naughty list!

In her latest effort to “Free the Nipple”, Miley Cyrus pulled up her shirt to expose her breasts in the middle of snowy weather. The “Wrecking Ball” singer posted the photo on Twitter but censored her modesty with a pair of hearts and “Merry Christmas”.

Cyrus has been supporting the documentary film, “Free the Nipple”, which questions the censorship laws in America. The movement argues how violence is less censored than female body. “Merry Christmas THANK YOU NY for being one of the few states to @freethenipple,” Cyrus tweeted along with the picture. She added later, “It’s not about getting your titties out. It’s about equality.”

The “Free the Nipple” independent documentary comes out in theaters in January 2014. It challenges censorship laws in America, arguing that violence is less censored than nips.

The former Disney star has no problem stripping down, going totally naked for her “Wrecking Ball” video and appearing publicly with sheer outfits with pasties to cover her modesty.

Miley Cyrus did her best to twerk on old Saint Nick when performing for the annual KIIS FM’s Jingle Ball Festival. We’d call that more grinding than twerking but either way Miley’s been a very bad girl this year.

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