Kitty Karma: Woman Finds Out This Cat Hates Snow (VIDEO)


Woman attacked by stray cat

A Detroit-area woman, who claims she was trying to protect her dog from a vicious stray cat, found out the hard way that he didn’t like snow.

The woman continuously kicked snow at the cat until he had enough and put a little kitty whoop-ass on her. Too funny!

The bully woman came out of her fenced yard and started kicking snow onto the stray cat in an effort to make him leave her property.

Finally Mr. Cat had his fill and proceeded to pounce on the woman and claw her up.

The grainy footage was sent into My Fox Detroit by a viewer named Max who appropriately titled the video “Horrible cat attack”.

The startled woman spins around in a circle trying to dislodge the cat, but she loses her footing on the icy ground and falls in the snow with the cat still clinging to her.

Woman bullies stray cat..gets her butt whipped

In a panic the woman gets up into a kneeling position and tosses the cat onto the snow, before scampering back to her house.

She is seen clutching her head as if she was injured.

We find it very interesting that she claims she was “protecting” her dog when she took off into her house and left her dog outside with the cat.

If you are an animal lover, you’ll get a kick out of this pussycat justice!

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Images: YouTube


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