Justin Bieber Shirtless & Making Out With Model In “All That Matters” (VIDEO)


Justin Bieber kisses Cailin Russell

Justin Bieber has debuted his latest music video for “All That Matters”, which is his sexiest video yet.

The 19-year-old kisses a hot blonde model as he shows us he’s a big boy now! Check it out!

Beliebers will be thrilled with the shirtless video of Justin, but we doubt they’ll love seeing him lock lips with 19-year-old model Cailin Russo!

Justin is showing off a more sultry and adult style lately, which apparently includes banging strippers.

The singer is shown standing in a room with a film projector that casts a blue light over Cailin. The video soon turns racy as 19-year-old Cailin does some sexy moves in the doorway as Bieber watches her.

Justin Bieber's sexy new video

At one point Justin is seated on a motorcycle as he slowly kisses the model, who is wearing a leather top and tiny leather shorts.

Shen then climbs on the back of the bike and kisses and licks Bieber’s ear.

We’re certain Justin Bieber’s fans will love seeing this sexier side of the teen singer, but it’s hard for us to watch without laughing.

It was hard for us to keep a straight face when he sings “yeah, yeah” as he pelvic thrusts in the red light part of the video. Maybe it’s just because he still seems like a little boy. Or when he tries to get all “gangsta” while singing.

So, what did you guys think of his new music video? Love it or hate it?

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