Justin Bieber Retiring From The Music Business? (VIDEO)


Justin Bieber announces retirement

Justin Bieber has claimed he is retiring. But is he really?

Justin made the announcement during a radio interview, which is sure to crush the hearts of teenage girls all over the world.

The 19-year-old star has revealed he is taking a step back from the music industry when his new album, Journals, is released next week, and it could be permanent.

Bieber told radio station Power 106 in Los Angeles, California, on Tuesday, “After the new album, I’m actually retiring man. I’m retiring.”

Radio host Kurt Alexander, better known as Big Boy, reacted by exclaiming “What?” and the other radio program staffers gasped to hear the news.

After their reaction, Justin backtracked a bit and said he hadn’t totally made up his mind.

He explained, “I want to grow as an artist and I’m taking a step out, I want my music to mature.”

The singer, who has caused controversy this past year for his bad-boy antics, said he isn’t attracted to fame anymore.

Justin Bieber said, “I’m here solely for my fans and for the music.”

News of a possible retirement comes a day before Justin’s documentary Believe will be premiered in Los Angeles. The film will release on Christmas day, which shows Justin’s life off and on the stage.

Since being discovered at the age of 13, Justin has become one of the most successful solo acts of all time and has an estimated net worth of in excess $130 million.

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