Julia Roberts Not Planning On Having More Kids: But Is She Already Pregnant?


Julia Roberts "August: Osage County"

“Pretty Woman” star Julia Roberts has been the subject of pregnancy rumors all week, after stepping out what what appeared to be a baby bump.

Julia showed up for her Letterman interview in a loose-fitting coat, later wearing a dress that could easily disguise her pregnancy. Hmmm…

Julia Roberts wore a chic black suit when she appeared on Letterman, coyly denying David’s questions.

The 46-year-old star was busy promoting her film “August: Osage County”, which landed her a Golden Globe nomination this week.

Julia and her husband Danny Moder, who she married in 2002, already have nine-year-old twins Hazel and Phinnaeus, and six-year-old Henry but Letterman was keen to see if they had plans for more.

David tried to get an answer out of Julia, asking, “Have you thought about adding more to the group?”

Julia gave a polite but coy reply, smiling as she replied, “Oh sure”. Letterman countered with “any chance?” Julia smiled and simply said “no”. That doesn’t exactly mean she isn’t already expecting!

Here’s the entire episode (Julia’s interview starts at 16:20)”

Letterman apologized for forgetting her birthday this year. It was revealed that the late night host sends Julia Roberts flowers every year on her birthday for 15 years.

Letterman then yelled out, “Alright bring in the flowers” as stage hands delivering a huge bouquet to Julia.

The flower bouquets kept coming as Julia laughed, stating, “I feel like Miss America”.

Later that evening Julia donned an electric blue dress for the “New York premiere of August: Osage County”.

Her layered wrap skirt was a great choice for hiding a possible growing baby bump, despite her earlier denials.

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