John Krasinski Produces Hilarious Bud Light “Hold My Beer” Ad (VIDEOS)


John Krasinski's Nana "hold my beer"

Bud Light and producer John Krasinski, who most of us remember as Jim Halpert on “The Office”, teamed up for a hilarious ad campaign.

The actor, writer, and producer, who is expecting his first child with British actress Emily Blunt, has found time to bring on the hilarity! Watch the craziness unfold in the “Hold My Beer” videos.

The funny man and the iconic beer brand teamed up to bring on the laughs, going off the popular meme “hold my beer and watch this!”

Krasinski said the commercials are “a lot more sketch-oriented rather than danger-oriented”.

Check out these awesome beer commercials. Prankster Nana has to be our favorite vid!

Nana pranks the youngsters

Nana is so cool that she parties and drinks beer with the young ones. She has learned a thing or two in her 100 years on earth and has a little fun pranking her grandson and pals.

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