Hollywood Stars Ridiculed By “South Park” (NSFW VIDEOS)


South Park skewers Kanye West again

Most of us find it pretty hilarious when South Park takes on celebrities, especially those that need to be taken down a peg.

No celebrity is safe when it comes being skewered by South Park’s Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Let’s take a look at the biggest names in pop culture being mocked on the funny animated show.

The latest celebrity to come under fire by the South Park guys was Kanye West and his “hobbit” fiance Kim Kardashian. They did a parody of “Bound 2”, with West denying his reality star girlfriend is a hobbit.

Please keep in mind this is South Park so these videos are NSFW (offensive language):

Kanye explains to the class how Kim is not a hobbit:

Kanye West interrupting Pope Francis’ Time Person Of The Year awards speech:

Of course this isn’t their first time to take on Kanye West. They made fun of him being an egomaniac and frustrate him with a “fishsticks” joke he just doesn’t understand.

West later said he found the gay fish episode amusing, but that it hurt his feelings.

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck South Park

Ben Affleck got the South Park treatment not once, but twice. In one episode, it was discovered that Affleck’s parents suffered from a disorder that gave them butts for faces and they also made fun of him falling in love with Cartman’s Jennifer Lopez hand puppet.

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton was the star of their 2004 episode, which was titled “Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset”.Mr. Steve battles Paris Hilton in a “whore off”.

Tom Cruise

In an episode that led to Issac Hayes’ (who plays Chef) exit from the show due to its mocking of Scientology, Tom Cruise was mocked in the “trapped in the closet” episode.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears’ episode was funny but almost made you feel bad for laughing. In the episode, Britney attempts suicide, but survives after blowing off 2/3 of her face. The media doesn’t seem to notice, but seem more concerned about her possibly lip-syncing.

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson’s eccentric personality made him an easy target for South Park, even after his tragic death. Jackson wants to play and have sleepovers with the kids in the neighborhood.

Will Smith

South Park took on Will Smith in “Here Comes the Neighborhood”, where Will and his family move to South Park to get away from Hollywood. Token was thrilled until he realizes he isn’t as wealthy as he thought.

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