Find Out Why Beaten Barron Hilton Is Refusing To Talk To Cops!


Paris Hilton and Barron Hilton

Paris Hilton’s little bro, Barron Hilton, is refusing to speak with police officers as they attempt to investigate a fight between him and writer Ray LeMoine.

Barron, 24, made headlines over the weekend after online reports suggested he had been punched in the face following an all-night party at a rented mansion in Florida.

Hilton posted a photo of his facial injuries on his page.

Paris Hilton threatens Lindsay Lohan?

Miami police officers are reportedly looking to speak with Hilton concerning the incident, but have been unable to reach him.

Sergeant Bobby Hernandez stated, “We have no subject in custody, nobody we’re pursuing right now. We’ve had no co-operation from Mr. Hilton since he made the report. He refused to wait for crime-scene investigators to take pictures of his injuries. He didn’t want anything to do with it.”

Lindsay Lohan’s pal Ray LeMoine claims he punched Barron after the 24 year old became aggressive with him. Ray also said Lindsay Lohan had nothing at all to do with the incident.

Ray told his side of the story on “I woke up to discover that a bunch of people had been up all night doing Molly [MDMA] . My friend’s [Cy Waits’] name was on the lease of this mansion, and we didn’t want anyone to trash it, so we started kicking people out. I walked out to the patio and I saw this blond brosef in a top hat and John Lennon glasses … when I asked him to leave, he went bonkers. ‘Do you know who my sisters are?’ Barron got in my face and wouldn’t shut up about his stupid family. Eventually he pushed me. And that’s when the alleged assault, which of course I deny, took place. (I imagine he wouldn’t have even gotten cut if it wasn’t for those stupid glasses.)”

Some reveal the reason Barron doesn’t want to cooperate with the cops is because he was threatened with the release of “incriminating photos” showing him partying hard.

A source said, “Barron has decided that he is no longer going to cooperate with investigators because he has been made aware that there incriminating photos, that if released, could tell a very different side of what took place at the home. There are currently no plans to release the photos unless false allegations continue to be made about Lindsay’s involvement. Needless to say, if Barron was silly enough to file a lawsuit against Lindsay, these photos would be inevitably be used in her defense.”

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