Final Pictures Of Paul Walker Moments Before Crash (Photos)


Last photo of Paul Walker before death

New images have emerged showing Paul Walker smiling in the passenger seat of his friend’s Porsche just moments before their fatal crash.

The 40-year-old actor was photographed leaving the charity fundraiser in Santa Clarita, California on November 30 in the red Porsche Carerra GT. So sad.

Just moments after leaving for the short ride with his friend, Roger Rodas, the car crashed into a pole and a tree before bursting into flames.

The images are believed to be the very last of Paul Walker before his death.

Paul Walker and Roger Rodas final pics

They emerged the day after Walker’s remains were removed from the L.A. County Coroner’s Office and taken to a local mortuary. His body is now with his family, who will now prepare to lay the young actor to rest.

Authorities say speed had been a factor in the crash and toxicology test results are still pending, which will take up to six weeks.

An autopsy concluded that Walker was killed by injuries from both the impact and the subsequent fire, and dispatch recordings revealed that firefighters noted he was ‘DOA’ when they arrived on the crash scene.

Paul Walker's final photos

Rodas, 38, died from “multiple traumatic injuries” before the car exploded in flames, according to the autopsy released by the Los Angeles County coroner’s office.

Paul Walker tragic crash photos

On Sunday, fans gathered near to the crash site for a massive memorial, which had been planned through social media, for the actor. Thousands of fans came to pay their respects.

According to two of Walker’s closest friends, Walker believed he had accomplished all that he wanted from Hollywood and was ready to devote himself to his daughter.

Ronn Shikari stated, “He was a family man and I know it hurt him to be spending so much time away from Meadow on location; he loved being with his daughter, she was his world. That’s why he wanted to retire from acting and talked to his family about it, as he’d achieved everything he wanted to achieve. He earned millions from the last Fast and Furious. The big reason he wanted to quit acting was so that he could spend more time with Meadow. It’s a shame that it could never happen.”

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