Eminem & Rihanna Release Music Video For “Monster” (VIDEO)


Eminem's new video for "The  Monster"

We are loving Eminem’s latest track “The Monster”, which has him teamed up with Rihanna again.

RiRi plays the role of a sexy therapist that hypnotizes Eminem as he relives iconic moments of his career in order to battle his inner demons.

The music video, directed by Rich Lee, shows the rapper trying to deal with his fame.

Rihanna observes her patient Marshall Mathers as the rapper watches old videos and performances of himself. He drifts off into a deep slumber as he rides on an elevator to different times in his life.

The first stop is the straitjacket scene from his first video, 1999’s “My Name Is”. His next stop is to 2002 where he appears in front of a neon sign of the 8 Mile Mobile Court.

The rapper sings about losing control as he is shown in a freefall. The time shifts again to 2001, when Eminem performed with Elton John at the 43rd Annual Grammy Awards in a baby blue tracksuit and backward visor.

The lift finally stops on a rooftop, where armed men guard a crate containing a manifestation of Eminem’s dark side. As Eminem walks away, Slim Shady rages against the bars of his prison while the video cuts to Rihanna.

We love it. Of course we always love these two together!


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