Chuck Norris Does Epic Split Between Two Airplanes (VIDEO)


Chuck Norris plane split stunt video

Most of you viewed Jean-Claude Van Damme’s awesome split between two Volvo trucks previously, but the legendary Chuck Norris topped that!

Chuck Norris, or at least a computer generated Chuck Norris, brings us Christmas greetings as he does the splits between two jets. Check it out!

Today a viral video was released named “Greetings from Chuck – Epic Christmas Split” and parodies Van Damme’s real stunt in the Volvo commercial.

Chuck Norris awesome split stunt

Hungarian animation firm Delov Digital used a voiceover of Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” as the camera shows Norris’ face, before panning away to reveal all the awesomeness.

You can see boots standing on top of Chuck’s cowboy hat and then it’s revealed he has a team of 11 paratroopers perched above as he is straddling the wings of two giant cargo planes.

The troops light up like a Christmas tree as the planes move apart for Norris’ split.

Is Chuck Norris plane stunt real? No

We’re betting the 73-year-old former “Walker, Texas Ranger” star enjoys this commercial.

As we all know, Chuck “has come to represent the epitome of manliness and awesomeness in culture.”

Chuck Norris Christmas video

We’re betting lots of people will wonder if this Chuck Norris stunt is real! But no one dares to ask him! LOL!

Here’s Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Volvo ad that started it all!

Leave it to the wondrous Chuck Norris to one-up the great Jean-Claude Van Damme!

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