Charlie Sheen Blasts “Ugly Hag” Ex-Wife Denise Richards Over Holiday Plans


Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards

Charlie Sheen has always remained on friendly terms with his former wife Denise Richards. But, apparently she is on his naughty list over her Christmas plans with her daughters.

Charlie has blasted her for not allowing him to spend time with his daughters over the holidays.

Charlie called Denise “heartless” and an “ugly” hag who’s holding their daughters hostage.

He had already chopped up a wedding gift they had received and posted it online after learning of Denise’s Christmas trip with their girls.

Now the “Anger Management” star is furious that Denise won’t let their children visit him to exchange Christmas gifts.

Charlie told Denise, “lemme see if I got this straight; you won’t even spring the girls for 30 mins, from the 10 mil house I gave you, (100 yds away) to come down and open the gifts their dad bought them before they leave??”

“I hope your stocking is bronze-age coal stuffed along with an assortment of 8×10’s of yours so you can see how despicable and heartlessly ugly you and your fermented soul continue to be.”

He added, “hash tag. hag shag.”

Charlie Sheen revealed that Denise didn’t want him to spend time with the children, but had the “audacity” to ask him to borrow his private jet to go on her Christmas trip.

The actor said he went to Denise’s home to beg her to change her mind and allow him to see the girls and bring their Christmas gifts, but Denise reportedly refused.

Sheen, who already blasted “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson for making anti-gay comments, took a moment to bash both his ex-wife and Robertson.

Charlie tweeted, “I came up with a PERFECT holiday idea! Denise and Phil Robertson should get married! then he can practice the Bestiality he hates!”

The volatile actor may have a bit of good news though. He was given permission to celebrate Christmas with his twin boys – Bob and Max.

The temporary guardian of the boys, Scott Mueller (Brooke Mueller’s brother), doesn’t feel the children should be punished during this bad situation and will join forces with Charlie to give them a Merry Christmas.

Charlie is said to be thrilled he gets to spend Christmas with the boys, after being left out of Denise’s holiday plans.

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