Bah Humbug! Charlie Sheen Trashes Ex-Wives On Christmas!


Charlie Sheen the grinch this year

Charlie Sheen won’t be spending Christmas with any of his children this year and is certainly being a grinch about it!

The “Anger Management” star, who is still behaving erratically, has trashed his ex-wives on Christmas in a series of Twitter messages.

Charlie Sheen took to Twitter to make his Christmas wish for his ex-wives.

The actor wrote, “This is as close I get to my children on Xmas?”, along with a photo of a table full of pictures of kids.

Charlie Sheen angry this Christmas

Sheen added, “Except CJ, her mom is an angel!,” referring to his 29-year-old daughter Cassandra Jade Estevez, with high school sweetheart Paula Profit.

Charlie had a special Christmas message for his ex-wives Denise Richards and Brooke Mueller, writing, “B, D, and DCFS go ph*ck urse elves.”

Charlie Sheen bah humbug

The “Anger Management” star’s nasty holiday message came hours after Richards made a plea for her ex to stop making public their personal issues for the sake of their kids.

Denise Richards had tweeted, “@charliesheen U done ranting?” Keep it classy dude. Our kids don’t need to be privy to this. U are welcome 2 spend xmas w/us. Hope u still come.”

On Monday, Sheen told his Twitter followers that “I came up with a PERFECT holiday idea! Denise and Phil Robertson should get married! Then he can practice the Beastiality he hates!”

Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards had been on quite friendly terms, but the actor has suddenly turned against her over her holidays plans with their daughters – Sam, 9, and Lola, 8.

Sheen is on even worse terms with Meuller, the mother of his 4-year-old twins, Bob and Max. Mueller’s brother, Scott, was named as their temporary guardian, despite the 36-year-old former Florida socialite’s history of addiction.

“No kids on Xmas!” Sheen tweeted earlier on Christmas Eve. “Can I unwrap the gifts this kangaroo sukk, pig circus court gave me now? Thanks B&D. Enjoy my hate!”

Charlie started his vent on Tuesday on Twitter by writing, “no kids on Xmas! can I unwrap the gifts this kangaroo sukk, pig circus court gave me now? thanks B&D (Brooke & Denise) enjoy my hate! (sic)”

He tried to be intimidating by referencing his father Martin Sheen’s epic role in the war drama Apocalypse Now, writing, “Dad=martin sheen. hacked Col. Kurtz to death AFTER he had a major SCA. child heretics stand 0 chance. c #BringIt.”

Charlie Sheen Twitter messages

An insider claimed the actor never cleared his plan to take the boys with Scott.

The source explained, “Scott had never agreed to let Charlie spend Christmas Eve or Christmas day with his son’s with ex-wife, Brooke Mueller. Brooke would never have agreed to it either. Charlie was telling people he was going to see the boys so that he wouldn’t look bad for planning to take his porn star girlfriend (Brett Rossi) to Europe.”

The insider added, “Charlie has no one to blame for not being able to spend Christmas with his kids but himself. He is clearly in yet another downward spiral, and needs help. Lashing out at Denise, the courts, Brooke, child protective services doesn’t change the basic facts….he needs to take responsibility for his actions and grow up.”

We have to agree!

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