Zac Efron’s “Accident” Actually From Falling Into Glass Table From Partying?


Zac Efron relapsed on drugs?

Zac Efron had a little accident recently, which was originally reported as a “slip in a puddle” that landed him in the emergency room.

But now sources reveal the actor actually fell into a glass coffee table at his home after a night of hard-partying.

Efron broke his jaw on November 10, with reports claiming he slipped outside his home in a puddle of water.

That story seemed a bit fishy and it appears it was!

Insiders reveal the 26-year-old actually fell into a glass coffee table at his home after a night of partying. The incident came after the actor went to rehab twice this year to deal with an alleged “cocaine addiction”.

Sources report Zac Efron was at his Hollywood Hills home alone during the accident. The insider said, “Zac was alone at home, and he leaned forward and fell into his coffee table”.

Zac hired a sober coach to help him stay clean and keep his painkiller intake under control. The actor is worried his addiction issues could ruin his career.

It was first revealed back in September that Zac had secretly checked into rehab twice this year.

Sources revealed that Zac Efron got in with a dangerous Hollywood crowd, using cocaine and experimenting with MDMA.

Efron had reportedly conquered his demons and was even avoiding drinking alcohol.

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