Take That’s Howard Donald Apparently Had An Interesting Thanksgiving


Howard Donald have fun on Thanksgiving

Howard Donald didn’t spend the day gorging on food and hanging with his relatives. The boy band singer tweeted photos of himself nude playing golf, dressed in a frilly pink dress, and wearing icky teeth.

The 45-year-old rocker claims he wasn’t drunk, just having a little fun.

In one Twitter photo, he is shown totally nude except for a visor as he holds a golf club. He wrote, “I like to play golf”.

The funny part is his dog seems to be running off terrified at the sight.

Howard Donald naked

He then posts two photos of himself wearing icky teeth, writing, “Why can’t people take me more serious?!”

Howard Donald in silly outfits

In another he dresses up in a frilly pink gingham dress, a blonde curly wig, as he holds a bouquet of flowers.

Howard Donald in dress and wig

He topped off his crazy night by dressing in a Spider-Man costume.

Howard Donald as Spider-Man

If fans found his silly outfits funny, he tweeted, “U should of seen what my mate was was wearing!!”

He later adds, “FYI last night, i wasn’t drunk. was just having a ball routing through my mates fancy dress. If u don’t get my sense of humor u never will.”

Well, at least it looked like he was having a great time.

Take That are set to record their seventh studio album in January, with a release date of December 2014.

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Images: Twitter


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