Rihanna & Drake Hooking Up Again!


Rihanna and Drake together in Dallas

Rihanna and Drake were spotted getting cozy during a late meal in Dallas before heading back to her hotel, following her performance on Monday night.

We’ve always hoped these two would get together more permanently. Drake certainly seems to be a better guy than naughty Chris Brown.

Rihanna, 25, previously dated rapper Drake during a break with her former beau, Chris Brown. Of course, that ended up getting rather nasty with Chris and Drake’s bar brawl.

Could RiRi and Drake’s little hook-up wind up turning into a relationship?

One source said, “Let’s just say it’s easier for a [girl] to go to familiar territory than it is for her to get out there and [be with someone] new.”

The insider adds, “You’ve got to remember, Rihanna has done a lot of growing and Drake’s a real [guy] so there’s not really any expectations that come with what they did. They’re both adults and can compartmentalize things.”

This latest report of Drake and Rihanna’s meeting comes just after Drake admitted he’d always love Rihanna during his interview with Ellen DeGeneres.

News of their steamy date came shortly after Ellen Degeneres quizzed Drake about his love life on her talk show in September, during which he admitted that he will always love Rihanna.

The rapper seemed to get a little rattled, admitting, “Yeah great girl. We had our moment. [I will] always support and have love for her and yeah.”

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