Pamela Anderson Explains New Pixie Cut (VIDEO)


Pamela Anderson debuts short hair on Ellen

Former Playboy model Pamela Anderson has explained the reason for her new pixie-style hair cut when she appeared on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show.

Pamela showed off her new drastically different ‘do days after she finished the New York City marathon.

Anderson appeared on Ellen’s show, showing her majorly different new pixie style that many celebs are rocking these days.

Pamela Anderson before hair cut

Pamela giggled, saying, “I got a haircut”.

Ellen said, “I love it”, joking asking, “Was that to be more aerodynamic when you run? What made you cut your hair?”

The blonde bombshell explained, “I just thought my hair had had a life and I kind of wanted to put that behind me and start fresh, and I also thought it would be good for the marathon.”

Anderson was on the show because Ellen was holding her 1st Annual I Was Wrong awards.

Ellen stated, “I’ve had eleven season of my show and never had a reason to do this before. A couple of weeks ago Pamela Anderson was on the show and told me she was going to run the New York City marathon and I may have accidentally said that she might not finish. More than once. Well, she did finish the marathon and I want to apologize to her in person.”

Pamela Anderson showed off her finishing medal from the charity race, saying she completed in five hours and 41 minutes. She said, “But I finished. And we raised a lot of money for our charity in Haiti. My oldest son Brandon told me that next year he will do it with me.”

Ellen presented her with a T-shirt that reads, “Ellen is not always right”.

Pamela Anderson on Ellen show

Do you love or loathe Pamela’s new pixie cut? We’re betting women will love it and men will hate it!

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