Lady Gaga Hosts “SNL”: See All Her Best Moments!


Lady Gaga SNL videos

Lady Gaga hosted “Saturday Night Live” this weekend, really getting into character and showing off her acting chops!

Gaga appeared in several funny skits, which we have for you here!

Lady Gaga’s opening monologue had her doing a Broadway version of her songs in a cute shimmering dress with fringe.

“Saturday Night Live” had a little fun with a skit called “Wake up With Kimye”, taking on angry “genius” Kanye West and his reality star fiance, Kim Kardashian. We bet Kanye’s not going to find this amusing!

“SNL” stars Nasim Pedrad and Jay Pharaoh portrayed the couple, with Lady Gaga playing a nerdy Apple Store employee who worked at the Genius Bar.

Waking Up with Kim and Kanye

Gaga made a little dig at Kanye West’s fashion-obsessed persona or maybe it was about herself?

Her Apple Store character stated, “I don’t care about fashion. I think people who try too hard with their outfits are maybe hiding something. Like come on, dress like a person!”

Gaga Performs with R. Kelly

Fourth Grade Talent Show

Gaga’s other skit featured overzealous parents coaching their daughter who was in a talent show. They got a little too into their coaching. Reminds us of the mothers on “Toddlers & Tiaras”.

ady Gaga took a trip into the future on “Saturday Night Live” on Nov. 16.

Playing a senior citizen version of herself, the pop star was shown living alone without the worldwide recognition she enjoys today.

To her dismay the building’s superintendent, played by Kenan Thompson, did not realize who she was and not even the Grammys covering her piano jogged his memory.

She sang bits and pieces of her former hits including “Born This Way,” but still couldn’t garner any applause from the “SNL” mainstay.

Cold Open: Rob Ford – Toronto mayor Rob Ford is basically an SNL character already, so this was a “go big or go home” moment. Fortunately, Bobby Moynihan can do big.

Whaat? The Worst Cover Songs of All Time

Lady Gaga was fine with making herself the butt of the joke, presenting “Born This Way” as a “bad cover” of Madonna’s “Express Yourself.”

Paxil : Second Term Strength

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