Denise Richards Giving Up Guardianship Of Sheen’s Twins: Boys Violent To Animals & Her Kids!


Denise Richards doesn't want Sheen's boys

Denise Richards, who has been the only stable person in the lives of Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller’s twin boys, reportedly wants to give up her temporary guardianship of Bob and Max.

Richards penned a letter to the Los Angeles County Department of Childre and Family Services, stating that she can’t handle the boys anymore because they are violent to her pets and other people.

Denise took Bob and Max, 4, into her home to help care for them while Brooke Mueller entered rehab for the 20th time for crack addiction, but is throwing in the towel after the boy’s horrific acting out.

Maybe it’s time for Charlie Sheen to step up… kick out the whores and start being a father!

Denise Richards said in her letter that the twins go into a trance-like state and will kick her dogs in the head repeatedly. They’ll also squeeze the dogs heads as they cry out in pain. The twins will pet the dogs nicely and then suddenly strangle them and lift them off the ground by the neck.

Richards said she would tell the kids they were hurting the dogs, but Bob and Max would reply that they wanted to hurt and kill the dogs.

Sadly, the behavior isn’t limited to the poor animals. Denise’s daughters – Sam, Lola and Eloise – have also been targeted.

Her daughters have been strangled, kicked in the head and stomach, scratched, bit, slapped, punched in the face and head, and spit on by the twins. During on incident after returning from a visit to their mother Brooke, Bob threw a toy at Sam’s face and she had to go to the doctor.

The boys are also acting out at school and have hurt other children and even slapped teachers in the face.

It’s really honorable for Denise Richards to have stepped up and try and help Charlie and Brooke’s twin boys. But, she has to put her own children first so it’s understandable she wouldn’t want that violence in her home.

Hopefully Bob and Max will get the counseling they need. Children can’t go through all that trauma unscathed.

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