Celebrities Showing Some Skin: Flaunting Or An Accident?


Celebs showing skin

Celebrities often show a little skin, knowing sex sells and possibly further their careers. Other times their nudity is a total accident (and probably really embarrassing to be caught on film).

Either way, we have their bodies on display for your here. Enjoy!

Miley Cyrus: Total accident!

 Miley Cyrus overexposed

Miley definitely loves to bare her body, but this particular time it was the result of very short daisy dukes and no undies. Here’s her lady parts in the NSFW pic.

Iggy Azalea: Total accident!

Iggy Azalea EMAs 2013

Australian rapper Iggy Azalea defended her sexy black gown she wore to the MTV Europe Music Awards in Amsterdam, Holland. The statuesque rapper insists she did not reveal her privates, even though it sure appears she did! See the NSFW version here.

Nina Agdal: Total accident

Oopsy Nina Agdal pic

Model Nina Agdal wore a white evening gown into ocean during a photo shoot, when the water knocked her wet dress down to expose her nips.

Candice Swanepoel: Total accident

Candice Swanepoel total pro

Model Candice Swanepoel strutted her stuff down the catwalk in Brazil, when her sheer top slipped and showed more than intended. But Candice is a total pro and kept right on going. You can see the NSFW pic here.

Lindsay Lohan: Flaunting it!

Lindsay Lohan cold in there?

Lindsay Lohan is needing some attention it appears, posting a photo where she is definitely not wearing a bra.

Tina Fey: Total accident

Tina Fey gets nippy at Emmys

Funny lady Tina Fey certainly didn’t mean to reveal so much when she accepted an award at the 65th annual Emmys. Her dress gaped open and gave a quick glimpse of a nip slip.

Tina went on Fallon and joked about the wardrobe malfunction:

Nabilla Benattia: Flaunting it!

Nabilla Benattia lets it hang out

French reality star put her assets on display at the NRJ press conference. She is similar to the Kim Kardashian of France. A wardrobe malfunction is a sure thing in a dress like that!

Paula Patton: Total accident!

Paula Patton nips on display

Robin Thicke’s wife showed off her nips accidentally at the premiere of “Two Guns” premiere in New York.

Eva Longoria: Total accident!

Eva  Longoria no panties

Eva Longoria was a vision in a seafoam green gown at the Cannes Film Festival, but a simple step made it quite obvious to everyone she went without panties under that dress!

Anne Hathaway: Total accident!

Anne Hathaway embarrassing pic

Anne Hathaway was humiliated and “devastated” after her embarrassing wardrobe malfunction at the New York premiere of “Les Miserables”. The actress was getting out of her chauffeur-driven car at the Ziegfeld Theatre she revealed she was not wearing any panties.

Here’s the NSFW uncensored pic for our pervy readers!

Kendall Jenner: Flaunting it!

Kendall Jenner shows her "legal" nips

The “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star just turned 18, posing for a photo shoot in a revealing top. She posted the modeling photo on Instagram that clearly showed her nipples (which you can see here NSFW). That racy snapshot landed the 18-year-old a modeling contract with The Society Management, a New York-based branch of Elite World.

Kendall was bashed for the revealing photo, but her big sister Khloé Kardashian Odom defended her sister. She wrote, “I love seeing all of these haters comments. Naomi, Kate, Cindy…. All fabulous models…. Models and photographers take beautiful (1)…Artistic images. And I don’t hear you birds chirp then. Sit down and enjoy the view! #SorryNotSorry.”


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