Brooke Mueller Accuses Denise Richards Of Child Abuse: Come On!


Denise Richards accused of child abuse? WTH?

Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen’s custody battle appears to be going from bad to worse, dragging poor Denise Richards into it now!

Brooke reportedly has accused Sheen’s other ex-wife, Denise, of not only abusing her twin sons but her own daughters.

Mueller, 36, called the police alleging that her twin sons, Max and Bob were being abused by Richards, 42, along with Sheen and Richards’ two young daughters, Sam and Lola Rose.

Police showed up at Denise’s door on Tuesday night and told her they were there to question her about a child abuse claim lodged by Brooke. However, Denise did not let them inside because her daughters were there. Instead, Denise went outside and informed the officers that Mueller’s claims were “ridiculous” and “vindictive.”

She also said that the L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services was handling the issues that started after Mueller, who has battled drug and alcohol problems in the past, was stripped of her child custody. If there has been no abuse, Brooke’s latest claim will end up with all the children being grilled about the allegations. Those poor kids have been through enough already.

The claim is being regarded as suspicious because Mueller hasn’t even had any contact with Denise and Sheen’s daughters. Denise also stated she hasn’t seen Charlie’s twins, Bob and Max, for weeks now.

The 4-year-old twins are currently living in a house down the street from Richards with their maternal uncle as their temporary guardian.

There were reports that one of the boys recently complained that a male member of Richards’ staff “hit” them. The boys’ psychologist heard the claim and had no choice legally but to report it to child welfare officials last week.

Denise Richards had been a full-time caregiver for the twins since Mueller’s rehab stint in May. Denise stepped down from the role claiming they were too violent around her daughters. The boys were seeing a psychologist apparently because it was suspected that they might have undiagnosed fetal alcohol syndrome.

Mueller is now living in her own Beverly Hills home and is said to be seeking custodial rights to her sons.

What a mess!

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