Teeth Bling: Which Female Celebrities Are Rocking Grills?


Amber Rose wearing diamond grill

Love them or hate them, grills are currently the hot trend with female celebrities.

The diamond and gold grill trend was initially sported by male rappers, but lately Hollywood chicks are rocking the flashy accessory.

Singer Rita Ora flashed her grill while out-and-about in London.

Rita Ora shows off her grill

Miley Cyrus has gone ratchet and revealed she has two different grills. Cyrus has a silver one for her bottom teeth and a plain gold one for hanging out (which she calls her “chill grill”).

Miley Cyrus grill pics

Lady Gaga is always fashion forward and sported a vampire gold grill back in 2010!

Lady Gaga rose gold vampire grill

Rihanna is one woman that can rock a grill without looking silly. RiRi showed off her teeth bling on Instagram. One was a basic silver one and the other was a gold gun grill. She captioned the photo, “She + AK.”

Rihanna shows off her gun grill

Katy Perry hit the red carpet of the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards in a leopard dress and a diamond-encrusted grill reading “ROAR.” That’s one way to promote your new single, but she looks ridiculous in that grill.

Katy Perry's funny "ROAR" grill

Beyonce paid tribute to hip-hop by wearing her sexy vampire-style grill.

Beyonce sports a vamp grill

Wiz Khalifa’s wife, model Amber Rose, looks pretty cute in her grill!

Amber Rose wearing diamond grill

Pop star Madonna doesn’t let being 55-years-old keep her from sporting the latest trends. The singer showed off her sparkly new grill on Instagram. Some comments were not very favorable, but Madonna didn’t care. She responded by stating, “The Grilzz are here to. Stay! So There!”

Madonna rocks a grill at 55

Would you put your money where your mouth is and rock a diamond and gold grill? Personally we think they look ridiculous. But to each their own!


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