Seriously? Robert Redford Blames Political Problems On Racism Against Obama (VIDEO)


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We’ve written before on how annoying we find it when celebrities decide to get political. The latest offender is liberal actor Robert Redford, who is currently promoting his movie “All is Lost”.

Redford claims the government shutdown drama could have been partially motivated by racism. He also claims Republicans are trying destroy Obama. Come on!

Robert Redford sat down with CNN while promoting his latest film and touched on the recently ended government shutdown.

The actor feels people are too scared of change (or Obama’s craptastic “hope and change), claiming it’s impeding the development of the country.

Redford believes that fear, racism and opposition to President Obama were behind the current state of political dysfunction.

“I was trying to figure out, why are these people behaving so stupidly? Why are they behaving so horribly that it’s crippling our whole country?” Redford told CNN.

“I think it has to do with fear. I think it’s a group of people that are so afraid of change, and they’re so narrow-minded that some people — when they see change coming — get so threatened by change, they get angry and they get terrorized, and then they get vicious.”

Redford, a vocal activist, has always been outspoken with his opinions and claims.

He adds, “There is a body of congressional people that wants to paralyze the system. I think what sits underneath it, unfortunately, is there’s probably some racism involved, which is really awful. … I think just the idea of giving credit to this President, giving him credit for anything, is abhorrent to them, so they’ll go against it.”

Redford accused some Republicans of wanting to “destroy” President Obama.

“I think that no matter what you would propose they would go against it because their determination was to destroy this person,” Redford said of the “minority faction” in Washington versus President Obama.

Most of us would agree that it has nothing to do with the color of Obama’s skin. It’s more to do with our beloved United States falling to pieces under Obama’s leadership. When will President Obama realize his forcing Obamacare (laughingly called Affordable Care) on U.S. citizens is unwanted and unaffordable for middle-class people!



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