Rashida Jones Wants Hollywood Starlets To “Stop Acting Like Whores”


Rashida Jones offers advice to women

Rashida Jones isn’t a fan of female celebrities baring all for the cameras lately. We think she’s talking to you Miley Cyrus, Ke$ha, Lady Gaga, and Rihanna!

The “Parks and Recreation” actress took to Twitter to vent her frustrations over the weekend.

Rashida took to Twitter with a few choice words, writing, “This week’s celeb news takeaway: she who comes closest to showing the actual inside of her vagina is most popular #stopactinglikewhores.”

She adds, “There is a whole generation of young women watching. Sure, be SEXY but leaving something to the imagination.”

The 37-year-old actress later clarified her statement, not wanting to offend anyone.

“Let me clarify. I don’t shame ANYone for anything they choose to do with their lives or bodies…BUT I think we ALL need to take a look at what we are accepting as ‘the norm.'”

Rashida Jones twitter

We think Rashida Jones has a very good point, stating what many of us have been thinking.

Rashida ended her Twitter rant with a bit of sassy sarcasm, adding, “”Also, calling on all men to show me dat ass.”

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