King Of The Brats Justin Bieber Carried By Bodyguards Up Great Wall Of China


Justin Bieber's antics continue

Justin Bieber fans, aka “Beliebers”, aren’t liking their teen idol acting like he’s a little king.

Bieber’s behavior is out of control this past year, with the latest being the pop star being carried on the shoulders of his bodyguards up the Great Wall of China…like a toddler!

His little antics have continued, including altercations with paparazzi and even spitting on his own fans!

This latest incident just takes his arrogance to new heights. It’s disgusting!

In the photos, the 19-year-old singer is shown being carried up the Great Wall Of China on Monday on his bodyguard’s shoulders. Just the day before, his bodyguards were forced to run after him around Beijing as Justin rode his little skateboard.



Justin is pictured wearing a white hoodie and baseball cap as he sits perched on the shoulders of two bodyguards as they walk up the famous stairs of one of the Seven Wonders Of The Modern World.

In another picture uploaded to Twitter, two of his bodyguards are seen running to keep up with Justin as he skateboards around the Chinese capital.


Some of Justin’s Beliebers seemed to enjoy his bratty behavior.

One tweeted, “Only Justin would have somebody carry him up the Great Wall of China. Aw my baby boy.”

Other fans expressed their displeasure with the photos.

One fan tweeted, “Justin, dude, u actually asked people to carry you? Someone’s going a little diva I see.”

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